Welcome to Yes North America Orders placed here will only ship to the United States and Canada.If you would like to ship orders to other parts of the world, please place your order on our Global site.Hong Kong television has undergone many changes in the past decade, seeing the rise of joint productions with China and the emergence of a new broadcasting platform in the Internet.

The characters changed from lawyers to doctors, the setting from the courtroom to a hospital, but the results were equally successful.

Other than realistic medical cases, the biggest draws of the series are of course the complicated relationships and romances, plus the amusing lifestyles of the doctors.

Healing Hands became the most popular series of the year, and Ada Choi and Lawrence Ng's golden pairing won them the Best Screen Couple award at the TVB Anniversary Awards. Lawrence Ng, boosted by his memorable turn as neurosurgeon Paul Ching, even released an album, and his duet with Choi, "Give You Every Minute and Every Second", turned into a big hit.

Considering the popularity of the first Healing Hands, TVB naturally kept them coming, releasing second and third seasons in 20 with original cast members and new additions.

The baton was passed to producer Chik Ki Yee to continue the Healing Hands legacy.

The second and third seasons of Healing Hands are both led by mainstay doctors Paul Ching and Henry Lai (played by Bowie Lam), and supported by new and continuing cast members.

The long list of popular stars who have appeared in Healing Hands include Lawrence Ng, Ada Choi, Bowie Lam, Flora Chan, William So, Steven Ma, Nick Cheung, Astrid Chan, Wong Tak Bun, Yoyo Mung, Kit Chan, Raymond Cho, Maggie Siu, Moses Chan, Bernice Liu, Gigi Lai, and Melissa Ng.

In these ten years, Hong Kong's television studios have also moved in sync with the social, cultural, and technological changes of the time to produce TV dramas for a new generation of viewers.

With 2008 also being Yes Asia.com's 10th anniversary, we've especially selected some representative Hong Kong TV series of the past decade to revisit.