Go to (in English) and enter the cell phone number prefix, the number, and your text message. If you read Russian or can figure this page out, you can send an SMS to any mobile phone operator in Ukraine for free at The standard price these days is 100-150 UAH ($20-30 USD), depending on where you need to go to within Kyiv. The Kyiv Boryspil international airport is located 15 km to the southeast of Kyiv. To get from Boryspil to Kyiv you will need to take either a taxi or a "Polit" bus.

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You can go for cheaper still if you agree to ride with other passengers or are stubborn about lowering the price. to midnight every 20-40 minutes (now supposedly they run 24 hours).

A ticket costs around 15-20 UAH depending on your destination.

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How can I send an SMS message to someone in Ukraine? map=kiev&l=en, select the city at the left and enter the street name in English, Ukrainian, or Russian. If you decide to take a taxi and are not up to haggling with the taxi drivers, the best idea is to walk up to the taxi stand INSIDE of the terminal 50 m from where you come out into the lobby and talk to a young lady there.