This past weekend there were 3 road-rage shooting incidents around the Valley.

One project I'm trying to work in the background is to identify which companies have diversity hiring that might provide a contact at the company.

It's easier to get a foothold at a company, no matter how wonderful your resume, if you can actually speak to someone rather than having to apply online and never hearing anything.

Anyway, if you've had good experiences in that regard please feel free to forward the information about the company and the contact so I can follow-up.

Did you see the news story about a woman in Florida who found an 8 ft. (see it here) I couldn't help but laugh hearing the 911 operator asking her is she's sure that it isn't an "iguana or a large lizard" and the woman says "no no no no no" - looking at this huge alligator that takes up her entire kitchen floor. How can people tell what company would be good to work for?

There are all kinds of surveys, indexes, recruiting messages, Diversity initiatives - how does anyone know what's true and what's not?

I don't know if there's a way to truly know as experiences will vary within large companies. An article came out on ranking the 50 Best Big Companies to work for.I'm used to working at large companies and I found reading this interesting. I actually am working at one of the companies in the Top 10 on this list (contract work, not as an Employee).Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace includes appropriate terminology with which to discuss gender identity" and suggestions for "policies that protect transgender workers" by creating special rights.Some states are considering laws that would open most workplace restrooms to men, women, transgender individuals and transsexuals.Homosexual activists have long been strategically targeting corporate America to help bring about their radical agenda to re-engineer society and redefine the traditional and biblical understanding of family, sexuality and now gender, he said.Sadly, as American corporate titans adopt 'transgender'-affirming policies, the patently ridiculous notion that gender is somehow 'fluid' and that people can ignore biological reality and self-define their gender will become normalized in society.