Browse our personal ads for black men and black women, chat online and start a relationship with your match today.Introduction and links to teh photos of African girls and models on this website On this website a desire to take photos has merged with love for Africa and an occasional wish to portray black African beauty.Below you will find an index of some fashion and model photos.

This is what I hope to communicate through some of these images.

Some of the pics are model photos while others are from fashion events, mainly in Copenhagen, Denmark.

One of the aims of this website is to contribute in making African/black people more visible in Europe and in Western culture in general.

Uncover the history of African American women: the history of black women in America, from slavery through Reconstruction, Harlem Renaissance and civil rights. Themes for Black History month or any black history unit: if you're planning to honor black history at your school, library, workplace, club or anywhere else, here are some themes that might inspire you to focus on for this year's celebration.

Many Black feminists responded to the women's liberation movement with writings about their unique experiences and ideas on how feminism was different for women of color.

Here is a list of five important books about African-American feminism.Harriet Tubman, escaped slave who helped others escape from slavery and was known as the Moses of her people, was also a spy, nurse, and spoke for women's rights.Find all the resources on this site about Harriet Tubman, including a list of carefully selected links to more resources on the Net.African American women writers have provided insight into life for women and for African Americans since Phillis Wheatley in colonial America became the first published African American writer in what became the United States.Find black girls and black men at's personals for Africa, Costa Rica.This free dating site contains thousands of black girls and black men. Member Login Africa Asian Dating is a FREE online Africa dating service for black singles.