The two acquit themselves well, but Oscar-winner Whitaker (the New Orleans-shot "Hurricane Season"), in particular, does a nice job with this rare opportunity to show off his comic chops.(His performance is a stark contrast to that of Charlie Murphy, the older brother of Eddie, who embarrasses himself by playing a jive-talking buffoon.) It also turns out that the race-obsessed Mencia's one-joke stand-up schtick ("I'm a Mexican!

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This week’s Man Crush starred in the show for eight seasons. Meet Lance Gross, a 31-year-old actor hailing from Oakland, California.

Did you know the comedy-drama aired more episodes (254 in total) than any another television series with a predominantly African-American cast? This sexy stud holds a Bachelor of Arts in theater from Howard University.

Gross made his television debut with a guest starring spot on Eve’s self-titled sitcom on the UPN. Gross also appeared with America Ferrera in winner.

He's also blessed with strong production values and, more importantly, an appealing cast.

His lovestruck young couple is played by America Ferrera (of "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and TV's "Ugly Betty") and Lance Gross ("Meet the Browns").

Both are talented young actors, but they're not really the stars of Famuyiwa's show.

Those would be Carlos Mencia (a standup comic dabbling in acting here) and Forest Whitaker (an actor dabbling in comedy).

Since then he’s become a favorite of Tyler Perry, starring in a couple of his movies. Eva Pigford (Cycle 3) was the lucky woman to wake up to this sexy beast every morning for several years.

An animal (in this case a goat) will cause chaos at the reception. That's just how standard wedding comedies work in Hollywood, and "Our Family Wedding" is, first and foremost, a standard wedding comedy. It's written and directed by Rick Famuyiwa, whose most notable previous credit was as screenwriter for the 2007 drama "Talk to Me." Famuyiwa is not the most imaginative of directors, but neither is he the most self-indulgent.