Bumble, the female-led dating app, is partnering with Spotify so that you can now swipe left or right based on someone’s most listened to artists on the music streaming app.“Music has brought people together for generations and can often indicate how well you’ll get along with a potential mate.As such, we’re hooking up with our perfect match, Spotify, to help people make more meaningful connections with music taste in mind,” Bumble explains in a blog post.

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"Ken, you probably hit closer to home than many will admit," opined one anonymous reader in the Heli OS comments, for example. The tech field whether it's linux or any other system is a horrible environment for the dating pool." Then again: "Computer geeks are people, too -- it is just that some re-wiring between the left and right sides of the brain is commonly in order," asserted Gavin.

"There is no shame in that; there is only shame in never trying.

"After all, if Linux geeks in particular want someone to open their world to a non-Windows existence, they have to be willing to meet that person half-way," Gavin added.

So if the music your potential partner listens to matters to you, Bumble might be the dating app to try.

Well the Day of Love is safely behind us again for another year, and not a moment too soon!

For some it may be a joyous occasion -- a time of bubbles, flowers and pink puffy pillows -- but let's just say that sentiment is by no means unanimous.No, for those of us at the other end of the introversion scale, Valentine's Day is fraught with anxiety, doubt and *way* too much time in the card aisle.It's not often that geeks wax philosophical about the World of Amour, but Heli OS's Ken Starks was recently brave enough to venture into those treacherous waters -- and treacherous they were."When Linux nerds choose mates from the Windows herd" is the title of Starks' post, and he paints a grim picture of the dating scene on the FOSS side of the fence."You come to realize that there is more to life than bash scripts and LAN parties with other Linux Geeks," Starks writes."So you decide to put yourself back on the dating market. " Neck beards, geeky pickup lines and -- of course -- the requisite request to fix a Vista computer are all involved, and let's just say the results aren't pretty. Bloggers fell all over themselves in their haste to add their two cents.