Upon seeing our boy, she gives him a little smile and returns to what she was doing.Girl number three is completely foreign to him in both look and feel, she however finds him curious, gives him a look (not an unfriendly one) and then continues on with her thing.

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Mos def and alicia keys dating video

So a single man walks into a building and sees three women that are similarly attractive.

Girl one is of his status, has the persona that would likely match him perfectly and is at the party looking for a potential date.

When our guy looks her way, she chooses not to look at him even though she finds him attractive.

Girl number two is at the party to have a good time, she has had her share of dates and knows how to flirt to get what she wants.

This often leads to a whole lot of misunderstanding and hurt feelings before the night is over.

More confident guys will go for two or three, one will appear to be uninterested therefore a waste of time so most guys won’t bother.

Yet as much as this comes off as common sense, girl number one continues to wonder why guys won’t talk to them.

These same women wonder why, when they do get approached, it’s by a dude with a quota to reach in his pants.

While her aloof, shyness or mock tough act comes off as a deterrent to bullshit from bad guys (to her), in reality it makes her look like an unapproachable, mean-spirited woman, who is on the brink of getting loud and telling you to get out of her face should you approach. Imagine if he spoke a different language, looked differently than all the women and was trying to fit in.