Then, click the cell to the right, that contains a data validation list, and the drop down list will only show the product names that contain the letters you typed.Format: xlsm Macros: Yes Size: 22kb Download: Instructions: N/ADV0065 - Data Validation Click Combobox - Named Range Click a cell that contains a data validation list, and a combobox appears -- font size can be set, more than 8 rows displayed, autocomplete can be enabled.

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Then, click OK, to add all selected items to the cell.

Lookup lists are in named ranges on different sheet.

Format: xlsm Macros: Yes Size: 61kb Download: Instructions: N/ADV0066 - Data Validation - Contains Text Type one or more letters in column B.

Format: xlsx Macros: No Size: 23kb Download: Instructions: N/ADV0068 - Show Data Validation Input Message in Text Box Click a cell that contains a data validation list, and an Active X text box appears on the worksheet.

It can show a long message about the cell's data validation.

Use the scroll bars, if necessary, to see more of the message.Format: xlsm Macros: Yes Size: 52kb Download: Instructions: Code is different, but set up similar to Form Control text box DV0067 - Select Multiple Items in Combo Box or List Box Click a cell that contains a data validation list, and a form appears.DV0071 - Time Entry With Hour and Minute Lists Enter production time, then select hour and minutes for defect time.Must not be greater than production time, and drop down lists control the valid times.Format: xlsx Macros: No Size: 18kb Download: Instructions: Excel Data Validation - Select Hours and Minutes DV0070 - Option Buttons Control Drop Down List Click the option button for a region, and the data validation drop down shows list of colors for the selected region. Format: xlsx Macros: No Size: 22kb Download: Instructions: Option button setup DV0069 - Excel Project Task Tracker List project tasks, estimated time, person assigned, date completed, actual time, and other task information.Summarize task data in pivot tables, to see total times.