He used the money from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest the successful book and movie to finance a series of experiments and political demonstrations in the 60s that would become legion.One Flew Over the Cuckoos’s Nest is the story of Randal Mc Murphy – later portrayed masterfully by Jack Nicholson in the movie version – a perfectly American personification of Liberty trapped in a World of constraints.In this case the constraints are first the laws of society, and second the laws of Nurse Ratched in the mental hospital where he is serving his time.

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It’s a time worn technique in American Literature to leave the narration to someone with a disadvantage thus allowing for a freedom of expression – the so-called unreliable narrator.

Take for other examples Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (young), To Kill a Mockingbird (young), Lolita (weirdo), Bromden (mentally ill), The Racketeer (discreditable).

Bromden is a great choice to uncover the absurdities of the modern world and it’s rules which he calls The Combine.

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