Prosecutors submitted court papers raising concerns about Moore’s alleged contact with young girls, as well as a small arsenal of weapons at his home, including military-style, assault-type rifles, many of them loaded and unsecured.According to the prosecution’s court filing, which includes photos he sent to detectives, Moore admitted in a recorded interview that he had online sexual chats with several young girls, initially saying “it could be four, it could be thirty,” before asserting that number was closer to 10.He also allegedly told investigators that he has a sexual interest in 14-year-old girls, “the absolute minimum” in terms of age.

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30 arguing that Moore should be released into the custody of his wife and parents at his Maryland home, with certain conditions.

Kousoulis said the house could be ready by Monday, but that pretrial services officials will need time to inspect it to see if it meets their requirements.

“That is not going to be sufficient to alleviate our concerns with him being released,” Mc Andrew said after the hearing.

WILMINGTON, Delaware — A Secret Service officer charged with trying to solicit sex from an undercover agent he thought was a 14-year-old girl also had online sex chats with actual young girls and had a small arsenal of weapons at his home, federal prosecutors asserted Thursday in court filings.

They said a preliminary investigation indicates that Lee Robert Moore, who was arrested in an online sex sting by Delaware State Police, has had online contact with two young girls.

“We are investigating that further,” prosecutor Ed Mc Andrew said after a Thursday hearing.He added that the investigation could uncover similar contact with still more young girls.“Simply put, defendant sought to use mobile technology to sexually exploit multiple minor, teenage girls from one of the most secure places on the planet.He did so while in the presence of other highly trained law enforcement officers and just yards from the President of the United States, his family, and senior administration officials he was then protecting,” prosecutors wrote.Moore, who worked as a uniformed officer at the White House, surrendered to police Nov.9 after being placed on administrative leave a week earlier. Appearing before Magistrate Judge Sherry Fallon, Moore waived the right to a hearing to determine whether probable cause exists to support a federal charge against him of trying to transfer obscene material to a minor. 2 a detention hearing on the government’s motion that Moore, 37, remain in pretrial custody.