Cody’s father and some of the town’s folk ambushed Anna’s home.

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Her parents married far too early in their relationship.

In an attempt to fix their decaying relationship, Priscilla got pregnant.

Nine months later she birthed a baby girl that she named Anna-Marie.

Unfortunately the young couple was whisked into a nature-loving commune where they joined in an insane plan to reach “the Far Banks,” a dreamland from Native American mythology, where the rules of the physical world no longer applied.

The commune hired a shaman to take them to the Far Banks, but something went horribly wrong during the ceremony.

Owen had planned to sacrifice Priscilla to the spirits of the Far Banks, but she took control of them and closed the mystical place behind her as she vanished.

Grief stricken, Owen pleaded with Priscilla’s sister Carrie to aid him in raising his daughter.

Anna-Marie, who had been nicknamed Rogue, didn’t have a pleasant childhood with her aunt as Carrie used a rough education on her in an attempt to prevent her from making the same mistakes her mother made.

However, Anna did not go entirely without love, as her beauty was well recognized by the boys of her town.

There is one boy in particular she fell in love with, named Cody Robbins.

She was with him one night, under a full moon, during their first kiss, when she developed her powers, leaving her first love in a lifelong coma.