The truth is that we were planning to cancel the project this year.Running a project like this takes a lot of time, time that we have all struggled to realistically find this winter, as we all have various things going on such as studying, full time work, etc.A project like this also takes a lot of money, what with website hosting costs etc, and as we are not supported by ads (at present) and we do not want to come begging to our users, this has become another factor.

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We will be providing a full service and we have been very busy over the last week working hard on the website to get things prepared.

We are also in discussions between us in setting up a new service based on our principles of rational reporting, verifying our reports, and telling you when we think something is unconfirmed.

The service is something that we can run all year round which potentially gives us a number of opportunities.

We are not talking about tweets or information; that doesn't bother us as we are usually the first to report things and the more people that are informed, the better.

We are talking about the copying of our logos and banners.

This is demotivating as essentially these websites/twitter accounts are trying to pass themself off as us and usually providing inaccurate reports. However we have decided to continue on for another year at the very least.We will assess the situation after this winter period and decide where we are. We design, engineer and manufacture innovative accessories for the powersports industry.Whether you're an occasional rider, a weekend warrior or a top level pro, we have products that will enhance your riding experience.You may have noticed that we have been a little quiet this year.The emails, tweets and messages we have received suggest that we were expected to kick into action, as we have done since we pioneered the snow reports in 2009.