Asus Driver Downloads for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP.If you are having problems with your ASUS Computer, the article below will help determine if the problem is with your Asus Drivers.

updating expressgate on asus-70

Thanks to Tom (ASUS Forum VIP Member) sharing all kinds of great information. ...age=1&count=33 Some of the information from the same page looks like, Express Gate SSD. Disconnect all unnecessary USB devices, especially all USB microphones and USB speakers. Go to tools tab and choose Asus express gate [Enabled], Reset User Data [Reset]. Then ran Asus to have the latest version of Express Gate updater.

v: (9/4/2009) ASUS Express Gate Updater v: (3/4/2008) 1. Preferably leave only connected mouse and keyboard.

Press during POST (Power-On Self Test) to enter BIOS Setup. After entering Windows, uninstall your current version of Express Gate updater. Go to Start-run-(in XP) or Start-Accessories-run (in Vista) and type: msconfig. Go to services tab click “Hide all Microsoft services” in the bottom and then click “Disable all”. ; Windows 7.0 \ Server2008 WNT_6.1P_32 = Vista32 ; Business, Enterprise (32 bit) WNT_6.1P_64 = Vista64 ; Business, Enterprise (64 bit) WNT_6.1P_32_MCE = Vista32 ; Ultimate (32 bit) WNT_6.1P_64_MCE = Vista64 ; Ultimate (64 bit) WNT_6.1H_32_MCE = Vista32 ; Home Premium (32 bit) WNT_6.1H_64_MCE = Vista64 ; Home Premium (64 bit) WNT_6.1H_32 = Vista32 ; Home Basic, STARTER (32 bit) WNT_6.1H_64 = Vista64 ; Home Basic (64 bit) WNT_6.0_32 = Vista32 ; Windows 2008 Server (32 bit) WNT_6.0I_64 = Vista64 ; Windows 2008 Servsr (64 bit) Then save and close the files. Go to General tab and click “Normal startup” and then “Apply”. Don’t forget during the reboot to go to Bios and Set “Reset User Data [No]”. In case express gate has disappeared after bios update, you can try the bios update, which follows: 16.

Unzip it, double click the files Asus Setup.ini, Asus Setup32.ini, Asus Setup64and paste the following paragraph in the end of the sections [OS_Language_Tag]. The file you have to choose for update is called: ST_ASUSEG00_512MB_v1.4.6.9_20090409. Ran the fresh Express Gate updater you have just installed and update choosing the file: ST_ASUSEG00_512MB_v1.4.6.9_20090409. Don’t forget to check the box to reset user data during the installation! Prepare a flash drive formatted in FAT32 (you are going to need it to save files downloaded from the Internet and photos as you will see! Don't forget to set up your sound options and LAN options. Finally when you enter your OS go again to Start-run-(in XP) or Start-Accessories-run (in Vista) and type: msconfig 14.

Driver updates will resolve any Driver conflict issues with all devices and improve the performance of your PC.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Downloading the latest Driver releases helps resolve Driver conflicts and improve your computer's stability and performance.

Updates are recommended for all Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP and Vista users. Many Drivers can be installed manually free of charge.

Download the file: on how to install in Win7 Beta!!! Reboot, enter Express Gate and enjoy your brand-new and a lightning fast express gate, with all the new features!

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